Terms of Reference

The Review will provide a detailed and rigorous assessment of the Manchester City Region (MCR) economy which will aim to:

  • understand the potential for a higher long-term growth rate for the MCR, including the relevant policy levers;
  • analyse the links between the MCR economy and the economy of the NW region as a whole;
  • analyse the potential role of the MCR economy in the context of the extreme regional imbalance of growth in the UK;
  • establish the means by which MCR growth can be shared as widely as possible within the city region, and beyond, thereby help address stubborn areas of economic and social deprivation.

In addition the Government have asked the MIER to undertake a further piece of work on their behalf that will be undertaken alongside the existing Review programme of work on the potential contribution of the Daresbury campus to science and innovation in the UK economy as a whole, the North West science base and the Manchester City Region1. In seeking to achieve these aims, the Review will:

  • commission high-quality original research in order to start to fill the evidence gap on the performance of the MCR economy;
  • develop data as necessary, building on existing national and regional data sources, given the lack of available evidence on the MCR economy at a sufficiently disaggregated level of detail;
  • provide early input into the forthcoming review of the Regional Economic Strategy and lay the foundations for a continuing programme of research and action.

The Commission will be an independent body whose members will be:

  • Sir Tom McKillop, RBS (chair)
  • Diane Coyle, Enlightenment Economics
  • Ed Glaeser, Harvard University
  • Jonathan Kestenbaum, NESTA
  • Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sachs

The Commission will have the advice of a Policy Advisory Group. Its members will be:

  • Richard Halkett, NESTA
  • Alan Harding, University of Manchester
  • Patrick White, NWDA
  • Richard Seline, New Economic Strategies
  • Greater Manchester Partner(s): To be appointed
  • Rupert Greenhalgh, Manchester Enterprises (representing the Secretariat)

The partners and stakeholders of the MIER are: The Manchester Innovation Fund Partnership Investment Board (including Private Sector representation); NWDA; NESTA; AGMA and M:KC. The Commission will have the support of a secretariat working on the premises of Manchester Enterprises and led by Rupert Greenhalgh.

1This will include an assessment of:

  • the role of partnerships with universities, public sector bodies and the private sector;
  • the potential for increased commercial investment;
  • the contribution of training and the development of an appropriate skills base; and – the complementarities with Harwell and other major science and innovation campuses.